Welcome to the Housing Portal of International Student House-DC

This portal gives new and returning applicants access to International Student House, Washington, DC's (ISH-DC) housing application. If you are a current resident, you may use the portal to submit a request to extend or shorten your reservation. 

Currently welcoming applications for Spring 2019!

As of July 9th, availability for the Summer and Fall 2018 housing is limited. Our best availability starts in Spring 2019 starting January 1 or 15th. See below for vacancies.

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, submit an Application along with the nonrefundable $50 application fee. Our ability to offer a space to a wait-listed applicant depends on how many cancellations we receive throughout the summer and the timing of your housing needs.

Date Women Men
July 15th No Vacancies No Vacancies
August 1st No Vacancies No Vacancies
August 15th No Vacancies No Vacancies
September 1st No Vacancies No Vacancies
September 15th No Vacancies No Vacancies
October 1st No Vacancies No Vacancies
October 15th No Vacancies No Vacancies
November 1st No Vacancies No Vacancies
November 15th No Vacancies 1 Vacancies
December 1st No Vacancies 1 Vacancies
December 15th No Vacancies 2 Vacancies
Spring Semester 20 Vacancies 22 Vacancies


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Note- ISH-DC upgraded our software system!  
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Still having trouble with the online application?
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